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What Is The Value Of Rose Gold?

By bruinsjewelers

Rose gold jewelry is a beautiful and romantic option to consider when you are looking to purchase that special piece of jewelry. But is rose gold jewelry just as valuable as yellow and white gold? What is the value of rose gold?

In terms of the amount of gold found in rose gold as compared to white or yellow gold, it is the same. There is as much pure gold in a 14K rose gold ring as there is in a 14K yellow gold ring. The difference is in the alloys used – more copper colored alloys are used in the rose gold jewelry to give it the pink color.

Rose gold jewelry used to be quite rare and harder to find. More people are looking for and buying rose gold jewelry, thus making the prices more comparable to yellow and white gold.

If you are looking for a unique piece of jewelry, then consider rose gold as an option. The value is the same, but it’s uniqueness makes it extra special. Rose gold jewelry truly is worth considering!

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